How it works ....

Should you be interested in my services and feel that I may be able to help you, then read further.

The next step is to go to the Contact Me page and send me your details with as much information about your requirements as possible, furthering our communication via telephone/Skype/email.  If you are in the Oudtshoorn area I will arrange a ‘no obligation’ visit, to discuss your requirements.

This pre-visit / discussions important in establishing your exact needs and in determining whether we are on common ground in my service delivery.  Once your requirements have been recorded, it is kept on file for any future Relief Management request.

Once a contract has been agreed to and the terms have been negotiated, I will arrive at your premises, in time to facilitate a smooth hand over.

Finally, I will wish you ‘Bon Voyage’, attending to your investment.


As you know, closing your establishment, even a short period of time, can cost you dearly.  Employing a student or inexperienced person may not be the best option. Apart from the lack of business continuity and income for the days you are away, your closure may have other unforeseen negative effects. Therefore the value of my service will far exceed the cost of my services, as you will be repaid many times over in the future.

Contact me direct to enquire my rates for relief management service.

I will consider all fair offers and negotiating my fees based on the nature of your establishment requirements.

support fair barter trade as a portion of payment, feel free to enquire and negotiate.

Accommodation & Meals

I provide my own meals unless you cater for your staff or it is offered.  Onsite non smoking accommodation with a bathroom and access to a kitchen will be all I require. Depending on your location I will arrive a day prior to the agreed starting date to discuss final arrangements (no additional charge). Depending on your return time and the hand-over I might need an additional nights accommodation if possible as I would prefer to travel back to Oudtshoorn at a decent hour.

Once I have received your requirements, I will be able to give you a final quote.  

Booking & Deposit

Similar to the tourism industry booking terms, a 25% deposit confirms & secures my service delivery for a specific client. The balance will be due on handover. Full terms will be discussed as per your enquiry.

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